What does the Red, White & Blue Mean to You?

This morning as I was walking through Bryant Park, the Proctor & Gamble people were running a promotion for TIDE. On the great lawn was a huge display of red, white and blue along with Tweets from hundreds of Americans as to what the red, white and blue meant to them.

So I’m going to tell you what it means to me on the eve of our Nation’s birthday and ask you to share what it means to you!

When my family was forced to flee the tyranny of Castro’s Cuba, there was only one Nation that my mother would have chosen for us: the United States of America. My mom knew that only in this great land would we have the opportunity to be whatever we wanted as long as we were willing to work hard for it. She knew that we would have the Liberty to speak our mind without a dictator shutting us down. She knew that we would have the Freedom envisioned by America’s founders to not have government intrude in our personal lives.

That is what the red, white and blue means to me. That is what I will believe because I am an American first and foremost. God bless those military men, women and families who fight the hard fight for us so that we might have such liberties and freedom.

So what does the red, white and blue mean to you?

7 thoughts on “What does the Red, White & Blue Mean to You?”

  1. We celebrated Canada Day this past weekend and when I hear our beautiful “O Canada” being sung, tears come to my eyes. It’s a great country!!!

  2. It’s the whole idea of this country. Over 250 years ago a group of men sat down and thought the whole thing out and it still works! We have our ups and downs, we wish people understood us better all over the world, but we know not everybody enjoys the freedoms those old guys guaranteed every one of us.
    Some of us have had to fight to have our rights acknowledged and they’ve changed our country from better to best. Yes, we’re the best. Not perfect, but the best.

  3. When I think of red, white and blue & 4th of July I think about freedom, family and pride. Hope you enjoy your 4th. —Rachel

  4. The Red, White and Blue represent the sacrifies my forefathers (literally) made to create a pretty freakin’ cool country. Seriously though, R, W, AND B means that my disabled son gets a first rate education, thanks to my husband, father and many great-grandparents service.

  5. the red white and blue means every thing life freedom and choice to live where and how i want. to my kids though it means pop sicles 😀
    have great summer

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