Jeep Diva & Reading Cafe #giveaway & #ManCandyMonday

Before we jump into #ManCandyMonday, take a moment to visit with me at Jeep Diva and The Reading Cafe. We’ve got some giveaways for you there!

Today is a tough Man Candy Monday. My brain is all wonky, thinking about what it is that is sexy in a man.

Brains for one. I love smart men.

Honor and courage. I guess that’s we all love those stories with military men, firefighters and law enforcement types.

But what physical things do you find attractive? I’d love for you to share this morning.

For me, hands are a turn on. Nice, strong, lived in hands. Also, that little vee on either side of a guy’s hips. Yummy.

Also, dark hair and light eyes. I just love that combination if you haven’t guessed from some of hte books.

Take a moment this morning to share what you find attractive in a man. I’d love to hear about it.

3 thoughts on “Jeep Diva & Reading Cafe #giveaway & #ManCandyMonday”

  1. His smile, real or fake? Then his attitude, respectful or cocky? My guy has a beautiful smile and a wonderful attitude!

  2. Good Morning, Caridad!!! Well, I think that thee are several things which have to be present in order for me to find a man attractive. Yes, the physical is what may draw us at first, but we all know too well that sometimes, they are the biggest disappointments. Smart def, good sense of humor, kind to all animals, thoughtful and respectful, but I wouldn’t mind a strong Alpha side! Love dark shaggy hair, with golden brown eyes, and he has to be tall…at least 6’2″. Not too picky huh!!!

    Have a great day, Caridad!!

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