#ManCandyMonday Prince Alexander Ivanov

You may be wondering what I had in mind when I thought up Prince Alexander from THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE.

Exotic would be a good word to describe him off the bat. FBI Agent Kathleen Martinez certainly thought so at her first meeting with the prince.

Despite his tone and attitude, it was hard for Kathleen to ignore that he was an incredibly handsome man. The pictures and clippings in her file had not done him justice.

Ivanov stood at least six foot two with broad shoulders that strained the expensive fabric of his designer suit. His well-muscled upper body flowed into lean hips and powerful legs.

She dragged her attention back to his face. The muscles in his chiseled jaw clenched with annoyance. It was hard to tell if he had full lips from the angry slash of his mouth. High cheekbones served to highlight winter blue eyes with an exotic tilt. Or maybe his eyes only seemed clear as the sky due to the midnight hair ruthlessly styled into place.

Two gorgeous men in one day, and just her luck they were both connected to her investigation. But while Detective Roman still possessed a hint of boyishness in his features, Alexander was a man with a capital M. Her flare of attraction to him was disturbing on several levels.

LOL, definitely a MAN with all caps. But the things that I found most intriguing about Alexander were the many layers to his personality. Alexander is a man shaped by hardship and yet privileged as few can be. That really brought a number of different traits to him that I found fascinating and that Kathleen did as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy finding out more about Alexander in THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE.

Now to leave you with a little of my inspiration for the prince!

Photo Credit: CURAPhotography@Fotolia.com

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