Heed the Call Be Reborn #Vampire #Romance

I owe you guys a video and a prize! Who knew it would be so hard to get done with RT just a week away! LOL. I should have known.

First, visit with me at Beach Bum Reads. Visiting this site makes my long for summer and a lazy day at the beach.

And now . . . THE CALLING Vampire Novels are being relaunched as THE REBORN Vampire Novels. Fans of kick ass FBI Agent Diana Reyes and Southern gentleman vampire Ryder Latimer are going to love seeing where their story goes over the course of the next three books. Of course, you’ll get to see a lot of old favorite as well as meet some sexy new favorites, like Rafe, a firefighter shifter, and Benjamin, a Vampire Council Elder.

Because we’re changing the name, we’ve changed up the website to www.rebornvampirenovels.com and we’ve also just finished re-designing a new logo for THE REBORN. Here it is!

REBORN Vampire Novels

Those of you who have read the series know that Diana Reyes has a tattoo on her shoulder of a heart with a dagger through it and we wanted to recreate the look of a retro kind of tattoo. What do you think? Do you like the logo?

I’m thinking of doing some giveaways with the logo, like pins. What else would you like to see with the logo?

3 thoughts on “Heed the Call Be Reborn #Vampire #Romance”

  1. I like the logo, because it is a vampire book you should put a drop of blood on it too. LOL. I LOVE pens. I don;t know how you could get the logo on a pen though. Have a good one—Rachel

  2. Liking the logo! I have seen authors have logos on coffe mugs, keychains, bracelets, notebooks, notepads… so many ideas out there! 😀

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