#ManCandyMonday Mr. Romance Harvey Stables

It was a crazy week at the RT Book Reviews Convention, but soooo much fun. Along the way, I kept my eyes open on your behalf for some Man Candy. Yep, I did it only for you. LOL!

Well, there was a wow as my eyes settled on Mr. Romance 1999 Harvey Stables. A former Canadian football player and firefighter, Harvey is also a devoted father and husband and all around nice guy from everything I heard and saw. And absolutely sexy. Wow, sexy. He could so play Ryder if I could ever be lucky enough to see THE CALLING/REBORN series made into a television show or movie.

So, this morning, I’m going to direct you to a fabulous shot of Mr. Stables! Warning, he is totally Man Candy, so watch out! You can click here to see Harvey!

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