#ManCandyMonday Robert Taylor & Bailey Chase from Longmire

I’ve gotten hooked on Longmire. What’s not to like about the gruff steely-eyed sheriff played by Robert Taylor and his young handsome rival, Bailey Chase? Of course, I’ve loved Bailey from the Buffy days when he was the sidekick to Marc Blucas (Riley Finn, Buffy’s Season 4 love interest).

Plus there is the whole cowboy thing with the faded jeans, boots and cowboy hats. Man oh man, what could be hotter? Not to mention the fascinating story lines based on Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire mystery series.

What’s not to like? If you can’t see the video below, you can click here to watch!

Video Credit= A&E Television

5 thoughts on “#ManCandyMonday Robert Taylor & Bailey Chase from Longmire”

  1. This is the absolute grittiest show I will watch. Sometimes I have to look away. But the characters are incredible. So much testosterone goin’ on it’s enough to grow hair on the viewers’ chests.
    And to think Robert Taylor played a priest on Ballykissangel. And Katee played a robot….

  2. Love this show! Don’t forget Lou Diamond Philips when it comes to ManCandy. Love Robert Taylor!

  3. ..Huh? Who? Sorry, I was busy watching “Men of Romance”…. 😛
    Ya been having weird attraction lately, sistah; Fabio.. old men…. Hmmm.

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