#ManCandyMonday Mike Vogel from Under the Dome

Today’s Man Candy hottie is Mike Vogel who plays “Barbie” on the new television show Under the Dome. The moment he stepped onto the screen, Mike caught my eye. Sexy, smoldering blue eyes and a fabulous mouth. Hot body. Wow. Totally worth watching the show for a glimpse of Mike. He plays a war veteran with secrets galore and a thing for the town’s sole reporter. It’s an interesting relationship, especially since she’s married to the man Barbie killed. Hmmm . . . wondering how that will play out.

Anyway, enjoy today’s Man Candy Mike Vogel!


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2 thoughts on “#ManCandyMonday Mike Vogel from Under the Dome”

  1. I have not seen this show. I am a huge fan of Devious Maids though. Such a great new show on Lifetime I think. You should check it out.—Rachel

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