THE CALLING Vampire series is REBORN in September!

DARKNESS CALLS Vampire NovelI’m so excited! THE CALLING Vampire novel series comes back as THE REBORN Vampire novel series in September with FOR LOVE OR VENGEANCE. Even better, starting in October you will have three books with Diana and Ryder as well as a lot of the gang of vampires and humans you’ve gotten to love over the years.

Again, doing the happy dance that the series of my heart is back and I’m planning yet more stories for you after these next 4 books. Yes, four!!!

So here’s a blast from the past. This is the original version of the fight scene in DARKNESS CALLS.

For those of you who have not read the series, don’t worry! The books in the series do stand alone, it’s just that if you’ve read the others, you’ll know some of the characters and enjoy seeing where their lives have gone since they had their stories. If you’d like to read those earlier books, the best deal is this 7 book collection – THE COMPLETE CALLING COLLECTION.

If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here to read it.

Darkness Calls THE CALLING/REBORN Vampire Novel Series by Caridad Pineiro