There are few things more exciting than “The Call” from the editor saying that they want to buy your book.

But having your agent call to say that your book is going to auction because more than one publisher wants was just as exciting! Also nerve-wracking as we waited to hear from the various publishers what their offers would be.

That book that went to auction was TORI GOT LUCKY which was released under a name that shall not be mentioned because I truly did not like it.

My idea for TORI GOT LUCKY was that it would be a story about four friends and a surprise change in their lives that disrupts the close friendship between the women.

That break from each other allows each of them to truly explore what’s important in their lives and allows them to open themselves to various changes. Each of the women will confront family issues and their love lives. Each faces adversity of a different kind as the story progresses.

In the end, Tori and her friends will find new places with the men in their lives, their families and with each other.

So today’s Friday Read is an excerpt from TORI GOT LUCKY. In this scene, Tori and her lover Gil are breaking the news to Tori’s family about their upcoming wedding. It’s her family’s reaction that sets in motion the surprise that will challenge the friendship of all the women.

If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here to read it!

Tori Got Lucky: Friendships, Romance & Men


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