DIE FOR LOVE Release Day & #ManCandyMonday

DIE FOR LOVEDIE FOR LOVE is finally here! This is the climactic finish of the story arc for Diana and Ryder and an action-packed romance with dhampir Slayer Michaela Ramirez and FBI Assistant Director in Charge Jesus Hernandez. You may remember them from HONOR CALLS and now you’ll get to see their entire story.

I’m very excited about all that goes on in this book and what it sets up for future books in the series. Many of you have been asking and yes, there will be more books. I’ll shortly be at work on VAMPIRE REBORN which will be a novella centered around Ryder and all the changes with which he’s dealing. Hopefully that will be available in March of 2014. That will be followed by FIGHT FOR LOVE which will add more to the Diana and Ryder relationship, but also explore the workings of the Slayer council and the source of their power.

Many of you have also asked if Foley will ever get his story and the answer is a also a big yes! I just have to find the right woman for this very interesting and unique character.

Here is the teaser for DIE FOR LOVE.

    Loving a dead man can be brutal.

    Diana Reye’s pregnancy is draining her of life. Now she and vampire Ryder Latimer are faced with the most difficult choice of all. Turn Diana, or lose her and the baby. If Ryder chooses to save them, he risks the wrath of the Slayer Council and will be marked for his own death by their friend Michaela.
    Chasing a vampire can be consuming.

    FBI agent Michaela Ramirez has been searching for the vampire who raped and killed her mother while acting as an enforcer for the Slayer Council. Since meeting FBI Director Jesus Hernandez , however, Michaela is losing a bit of her edge as she imagines the possibility of a life full of happiness and passion with her handsome boss by her side…and in her bed.

    Living without the one they love isn’t an option.

    But soon trouble comes calling as the vampire she hunts makes Michaela his prey. Now Michaela finds herself in a battle not only for her own life, but for her friends lives as well, as she and Ryder both make the difficult decision to break all the rules for love.



And now it’s time for Man Candy Monday! People always ask who I would picture as the various characters if I was ever lucky enough to have THE REBORN/CALLING series picked up for a movie or television show. It’s always been tough for me to picture who would play Diana and Ryder, although Tyler Hoechlin would be high on the list to be Ryder.

But today’s Man Candy is all about who I would picture as ADIC Jesus Hernandez and that’s a much easier choice: Bobby Cannavale!

Bobby first caught my eye on Third Watch where he played an EMT. He’s a Jersey Boy from Union City and is half-Cuban half-Italian. In 2013, Bobby won an Emmy for his role on Boardwalk Empire. Bobby has been in a number of movies and television shows and I could totally see him playing the rough, but sensitive, FBI Director who has to deal with the very kickass and hard-edged dhampir Michaela.

What do you think?


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