It’s #HumpDay & #WriteWed Captain America & Writing Retreats

My writing friends and I will often “get away” for writing retreats. Sometimes it’s just a night of gabbing. Occasionally we can get away for a weekend. More rare are extended outings with other writers. I’m lucky if I can do one of those extended outings once every three or four years.

In 2012, I was lucky enough to get invited to teach a Master Class at the Low Country Romance Writers. It was great to share what I knew about social media as well as legal issues for writers. I met a great group of people and you may recognize some of them in the photo from my Lucky 7 Bad Boys and Dangerous Dozen collaborations, namely Virna DePaul and Nina Bruhns.

The Writing Retreat Gang from Low Country Romance Writers

Here is a photo of two of my writing buddies, Julia Amante and Sylvia Mendoza, from another retreat in Vegas! I’ve known Julie and Sylvia for nearly 15 years and love getting together with them! We share so much in common and being with them is always inspiring. In fact, it was a trip many years ago that inspired THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE when they dared me to incorporate elements of our writing weekend into a story. I know that Red Rock Canyon, where we took this photo, will be the setting for a scene in a future romantic suspense novel. It just begs for an exciting chase scene!

Because it’s Hump Day, you may need a little excitement to get you up and over the hump! LOL! So here’s a trailer from Captain America to help. I can’t wait to see this movie. I just love Chris Evans. I have since he was in Cellular.

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