#WriteWed The Inspiration Behind the Books

Wow, the inspiration behind the books. Where do I start? It’s such a tough thing to pinpoint because the inspiration can be so varied.

Vampire Reborn novella from The Calling Reborn seriesFor The Calling-Reborn series, the inspiration for the series and FBI Agent Diana Reyes was very much the emotion I was feeling during a dark time in my life. Her character totally epitomized someone mired in darkness who needed to find herself again and be reborn (namely me!). I shared more of that inspiration in the blog titled Into the Abyss with Vampires.

In the 10 years since that first book, Diana has definitely grown and learned so much and I am so very happy to see where she is in Vampire Reborn. She’s a very different person now and a much stronger one, but opening herself up to love makes her vulnerable in so many ways.

I’m really looking forward to exploring that in future stories.

To Catch Her Man, on the other hand, was inspired by location, location, location and also mother/daughter relationships. That’s kind of been a recurring thread in the Charity Pineiro books set in South Beach – friends, family, mothers and daughters.

Why location? Well, South Beach is all glittering and glamorous, filled with celebrities, but amidst all that hype is the dark side of what goes on in all those party places. I thought South Beach would be the perfect place to have a romance with suspense elements, namely, an investigation into whether an undercover cop is dirty and responsible for the murder of one of his fellow officers.

To Catch Her Man is available alone or as part of the Dangerous Dozen Romantic Suspense Boxed Set. The boxed set is specially priced at .99 cents for a limited time.

Thank you for making it an Amazon and B&N bestseller!

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  1. Congratulations, Caridad! I’ve already ordered the Dangerous Dozen
    Set and look forward to reading them. So sorry that I am a day late for
    your actual Launch Day. Honey and I were celebrating our 53rd wed-
    ding anniversary yesterday!

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