#WriteWed JUST ONE NIGHT New Adult Erotic Romance Inspiration

On May 12, I’ll be in the release of an erotic romance novella boxed set titled ONE NIGHT ONLY with my friends Stephanie Julian, Judi Fennell and Sara Humphreys.

My story in the boxed set, JUST ONE NIGHT, is a new adult erotic romance. As you can guess from the title, the story happens all in just one night when twenty-four year old Nicole de Silva decides to finally take a chance with her younger brother’s best friend, Jason Hart.

Jason, Jase to his friends, and Nicole have basically grown up together and for years, the sparks have been flying between them, but neither of them has done anything about it.

Jase is a newly commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Marines and he only has one night with Nickie before he heads home and then to his deployment.

The inspiration for Jase came from my time at Villanova which had a very large and active ROTC program. I even had the honor of going to a ROTC formal event my freshman year and it was amazing to see all the young men and women in their dress uniforms.

At the start of JUST ONE NIGHT, Jase and Nickie’s brother have just graduated and Jase is in his dress blues and looking way too handsome.

It’s going to be up to Jase and Nickie to decide whether to take a chance and explore the heat that’s been building inside of them for way too long. Trust me, it’s going to be a sizzling hot story as they finally give in to that attraction all night long.

Can’t you just picture Nickie helping Jase out of dress blues just like these?

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