#Foodie #NYC’s Green Markets

I love strolling the streets of NYC and I love fresh food. What better than one of NYC’s green markets which are popping up all over. There’s a nice one near Herald Square on Broadway. There is a big green market in Union Square.

For me the closest one is the Green Market in Dag Hammersjkold Plaza which is just a few blocks from my office. The green market is there every Wednesday and my sis and I walked over this week to check out what they had. In the summer, I come home with huge heads of all different lettuces, scallions and radishes for the hubby and my daughter.

Here are some photos from this week’s green market.

This morning the fog was thick in NYC. How thick you ask? See for yourselves!

2 thoughts on “#Foodie #NYC’s Green Markets”

  1. Markets are great! I don’t seem to get to ours often enough though. Now I’ll have to get over there after seeing all of your yummy pics and my I say my friend, those are some pretty awesome fog pictures!! Have a great Mother’s Day!!

  2. I love going to the market. We also have a big supply center by it and you can get bulk items at great prices. Not to mention the baking supply company. It is always fun especially in the fall when I can get my concord grapes. But one season at a time, LOL. I am waiting for zucchini. I love to make bread & pasta dishes with it. Now I am getting hungry, LOL. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!—

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