#Throwback Thursday Grand Central Terminal & #Vampires

Right now I’ve jumped back into writing FIGHT FOR LOVE, the next book in The Calling is Reborn Vampire series. As I’ve mentioned before, a number of the scenes in the book are going to be set in and below Grand Central Terminal.

Why? Well, there are so many secret rooms, abandoned platforms and more. The terminal is actually the world’s largest facility of its kind with 44 platforms and 67 tracks that encompass 48 acres in New York City. Wow!

One of the areas that has fascinated me since watching a SECRETS OF NY broadcast is the space that holds the generators that power many of the train lines that come into Grand Central. It is rumored that during World War II, anyone caught in this area would be shot on sight and in fact, two German spies were captured by the FBI before they could execute a plan to sabotage the generators.

This secret sub-basement is called “M-42” and its location is not indicated on maps of the Terminal. The exact location is a super secret and closely guarded, although there have been shows which provided glimpses of the old generators and the new ones which now power the trains. The old generators have been kept for historical purposes and I’d love to see them one day!

As for M42 being secret? Well, my Slayer Council (and now Diana and Ryder) know where the M42 is located and meet there. Why? There is something about the generators and their power that helps hide the energies that the Slayers possess and so when they gather in large numbers, it assists to keep them hidden from prying eyes and of course, vampires who want to take a bite out of them.

Here’s a photo of a Redstone missile in the main concourse of Grand Central Terminal. This shot was taken in 1957 during the Cold War.


I hope you enjoyed this little throwback to Grand Central Terminal and that you’ll want to read more about a place that I truly love in NYC.

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