Italian #ManCandyMonday #Cover #Reveal One Special Night

One Special Night Erotic RomanceOMG, the release day for ONE SPECIAL NIGHT is almost here (actually, you can get it at some of the vendors already!) So today we’re doing a cover reveal and since the hero, Tommy de Salvo, is Italian, I went in search of some Italian Man Candy who I might cast as the lead in the film/TV version of the story.

Who’d I pick? Sexy Raoul Bova, or at least, a younger version of him since Tommy is only 24 year old in the story. Raoul has the eyes, the lean muscled look and that sexy glimmer in his eyes. Just perfect! You may remember Raoul from Under the Tuscan Sun. He plays Diane Lane’s Italian lover!

Thanks to Raoul Bova’s Facebook Fan Page for this photo!

3 thoughts on “Italian #ManCandyMonday #Cover #Reveal One Special Night”

  1. Hi Caridad!!! Is he from the movie Under The Tuscan Sun? I think he might be, I LOVE that movie. Great cover. How is the kitten?—

    1. Hi Rachel! I hope you get this in reply! He is from Under the Tuscan sun and the kitten is doing great. I can’t reach you by e-mail. 🙁

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