#TuesdayTip Facial Toning Exercises

Let’s face it, gravity keeps us grounded, but it also isn’t the friendliest thing for some of our body parts. Regular exercise can help with keeping your body toned, but what about your face? Is there anything you can do to deal with the effects of gravity and aging?

Apparently there is! Check out the links to these sites and some facial toning exercises to help deal with some very common problems, including drooping eyelids and saggy skin along your jaws and neck.

You may notice that some of the above links mention yoga. My sister is really into yoga, so much so that she became certified to teach. I went to one of her classes the other day and then to a different class on Saturday. In the summer months there is yoga on the beach on Sundays and I love going. I’ve never had good balance or flexibility, so age isn’t necessarily to blame for those things. I find that I am improving both with some occasional yoga classes and doing some yoga at home with a DVD.

Hope these tips helped you today!
Yoga on the Beach