#WriteWed Philadelphia Flower Show

I love flowers and gardens if you don’t know by now! I love growing them and seeing the lovely colors. It’s fun to be able to eat the veggies I get from my garden, even if I do have to battle the deer, raccoon and ground hog for them.

I also love sharing that love with you on the blog and in books. Some of my favorite books have had heroines who have lovely gardens or are very knowledgeable about them, like in MORE THAN A MISSION. Elizabeth, the heroine in that book, is a chef who has beautiful gardens surrounding her home and restaurant and whose knowledge of herbs and possibly poisonous plants made her a prime suspect in the murder of a crown prince.

To celebrate that love of gardening and flowers (and my birthday), we always do a trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show. It’s just so much fun to see the displays and amazing flowers everywhere.

I’m sharing some photos from the show here, but you can also visit my album on Facebook (it is public so all can see it!) for more photos.

Lovely visit to the Flower Show. This year's theme was Explore America and the show was dedicated to the National Parks System.

Posted by Caridad Pineiro on Wednesday, March 9, 2016