#WriteWed Jersey Shore Inspiration in The Calling is Reborn Vampire Novels

I love the Jersey Shore. I have peace there and my creative juices just get going when I’m down the Shore. It’s why I decided to set my new contemporary romance series, the Jersey Girl Bridesmaids, at the Jersey Shore.

It’s also why I decided to add a little bit of the Jersey Shore to The Calling is Reborn series, even though 95% of it is set in New York. There is only one book not set in New York – KISSED BY A VAMPIRE – which detours to South Beach for one of my fav character’s story, namely, Stacia, a two thousand year old vampire.

Stacia has brass and courage, much like Michaela Ramirez, the damphir who first appears in TO LOVE AND SERVE. This is the first story that vampire Slayer Benjamin appears in also and with good reason: Michaela and Benjamin were a thing, sort of. It’s not easy to have a thing with Michaela because she’s wounded and prickly and difficult. At best, Benjamin could only work up a friendship with her and hoped that in time, it would be more.

More doesn’t come with Benjamin, however, and to find out who is the perfect man for Michaela, you can check out DIE FOR LOVE.

Michaela is a Jersey Girl and there are a number of scenes in DIE FOR LOVE that occur on the Jersey Shore. There are also more scenes with Benjamin as he is reborn only to discover that Michaela has found the man for her.

Here are some photos from my beloved Jersey Shore!

Taming the VampireTo read more about Benjamin and how he finds his perfect woman, check out DARE TO LOVE in the Taming the Vampire box set.
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