#TeaserTuesday – Following Jane by Samantha Scordato

So today I’m being a proud Mama Bear and sharing something very special – my daughter’s first book and may I say, it was quite good! I was so impressed with her determination and the research she did to create this amazing story. Fans of Jane Austen and Britain will love this story of a young girl who is sent on a scavenger hunt by her mother, who has just died, and Jane Austen! Jane fans will love all the references to various Austen novels in the book as well as the romance with Graham, a sweet boy band member who befriends Lizzie and helps her find her way around Britain as Lizzie tries to solve the various clues in the scavenger hunt created by Jane Austen and the “treasure” the famous author has left behind.


A Novel about Love and Jane Austen
Samantha Scordato

Lizzie Price had never understood when her mother told her adventure was just around the corner. When her mother dies of cancer, she invites Lizzie to undertake an adventure she never expected: A scavenger hunt thought up by none other than Jane Austen to “find the universal truth as well as a handsome reward.”

Lizzie travels through the whole of England to chase down the clues and discover the treasure that Jane left behind. When a handsome, young pop star, Graham Harris, catches Lizzie finding one of the clues, he is intrigued by her and determined to help her solve the mystery as well.

So tag along with Lizzie and Graham as they begin their adventure by. . .
Following Jane.


It is the standard cliché of any tale that if you are reading this I am no longer with you on this Earth. It is also standard to give you a quest that at first you do not accept. However, being my daughter, and having the same love of books as I, you already know this.

We have read stories of adventure, mystery, love, and heartbreak, but we never got to live that same type of life. This is your chance to live it. For several years now I have been slowly saving up for you to take this journey.

I believe you are ready, and grown enough, to take this trip. Now that you have found the money, you need to accept the journey.

Oh wait…Your mother thinks of everything!

If you go into my closet and open the black trunk sitting beneath our clothes hampers, there is a tan leather backpack that has the start of your quest.

Do you hear the adventure calling now?

I love you, Lizzie, and I will miss you deeply. But I am watching over you and I promise to keep you safe.

Good Luck,
Mama Bear.

She shot up quickly and ran to the walk-in closet her parents shared. She shoved the stuff off the top of the black trunk and yanked it open. As she dug through some of her mom’s old clothes and photos, she found the leather knapsack her mom had mentioned in the letter.

She jerked it out of the trunk and searched through all the pockets.

That’s when she found a wrinkled and folded piece of paper in the front pocket. As she slowly pulled it out, she realized the note was very old and delicate. So she carefully opened it.

Another letter, but not from her mother.

Dearest person or persons who discover this, the clever ones.
I rejoice in the fact you have found this letter. This piece of parchment is but the start of some mild amusement for you and I. By the end of the journey you will be able to find the universal truth, as well as a handsome reward.

We shall begin.

Cassandra never could leave my side. My closest friend and confidante. Reading, writing, and drama would help us pass the hour filled days until our parents were no longer able to afford the lifestyle to which we were accustomed.

The best of luck,

Jane Austen

“No. No way,” she whispered, reading the name over and over again.

“Yes, Jane Austen,” she heard from behind her.

She spun around to see her father standing in the doorway. His sunken eyes were red and puffy and told how truly destroyed he felt.

“Dad.” She stood and walked up to him.

“She thought I didn’t know.” He tried to crack a smile, but it just caused more tears to fall.

She slipped into his arms as they both just stood there and cried. When they had both run out of tears, he let go of her and said, “She solved the first clue.”

He reached down to Lizzie’s hand and grabbed the back pack. He opened the larger storage area and pulled out a leather bound notebook. He turned to the first page and handed it to Lizzie. There was a note on the first page.

Document your journey to tell your children one day.

Jane’s first clue refers to her younger years. She studied at Oxford until her parents hit hard times and were not able to afford it and pulled the girls out of school.

Oxford, England is your first stop.


FOLLOWING JANE is available at the following retailers:

Amazon Kindle: http://amzn.to/2hRhnpW
Amazon Paperback: http://amzn.to/2zoFl3a
Nook: http://bit.ly/2iBAcKM
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2iD9SzM
Following Jane

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