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Re-Release Available December 2013

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“Couldn’t put it down — fun, sassy, sexy, and honest . . . ” Jennifer Green, USA Today Bestseller!

“Chocolate with a cayenne pepper kick!” Eloisa James, NYT Bestseller

“You’ll laugh and cry and cheer on these fun, gutsy and very real friends! Caridad’s South Beach is so real I could smell the Cuban coffee. I wanted more!” Bestselling Author Berta Platas

RT BookClub: “With a tropical setting, many mojitos, a dash of intrigue and plenty of romance, this book is perfect for a day at the beach. . . Pineiro does a good job of giving each character a complete story arc. . .” “…(A) marvelous view into the woven threads of female friendship. . . It’s very good.”

ONCEUPONAROMANCE.NET: “(Y)ou will find yourself identifying with and cheering on as she deals with the hurdles life sends her. You will also find yourself entertained by the friends and scenarios caused by that friendship. . . Caridad handles these interchanges very well – thoughtfully and yet quite real.” “(A) delightful story full of emotion and romance, which has a lively setting and dynamic characters.” “Caridad Pineiro has created an appealing story, complete with memorable characters and a fun Latin locale.”

Romance Reviews Today: “Who says that beautiful and sophisticated women only live in New York? . . . These are women who will not be swallowed up by marriage or family expectations, and any happily-ever-afters must include not only men, but satisfying work, and friends as well.”


Finding Mr. Right wasn’t what she had in mind . . .

When Tori got lucky, she never imagined that her one night fling would turn into something more. But her birthday surprise turns out to be “the one” and before long, she and Gil are talking about making it something a little more permanent.

There’s just one problem. Okay, maybe more than one. Like Tori’s three best friends who fear that once Tori gets married, she’ll disappear as so many of their friends have over the years. And her mother and father who are making all kinds of noises about Tori and Gil’s plans for a quick and simple wedding. Not to mention Tori’s perfect sister with her new little baby. . .

With pressure building from all sides, Tori and Gil do the only possible thing: Elope. But can their new marriage survive the demands of friends, family, and their own insecurities?

Only time will tell whether Tori truly got lucky.


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Tori Got Lucky: Friendships, Romance & Men

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