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The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane #TDSoMJ #ReleaseDayBlitz

I have the pleasure today of hosting my friend and fellow author Amanda McIntyre on the book blitz for her new release THE DARK SEDUCTION OF MISS JANE. I had a chance to read an ARC and if you like dark, sexy and suspenseful, this book is for you!

The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane 
By Amanda McIntyre

A scandalous betrayal sets Miss Jane Goodwin on an unexpected journey to London to pursue her dream of being the first female investigative journalist, but she soon finds herself in a hotbed of murder and controversy. Seduced by the passions of a mysterious lover and stalked by a madman, tensions mount as Jane falls prey to her desires, only to discover a deadly secret that threatens more than just her trust in men.
Inspector Randolph Mansfield is one of Scotland Yard’s elite, battling the dark secrets of his past while trying to solve a rash of grisly murders threatening to mar Queen Victoria’s Jubilee. His respite is the anonymity he finds in the decadence of a private gentleman’s club, until a determined American journalist goes undercover in search of her stalker and he finds the lines between protection and passion blurred. But as tensions heat and her life is threatened, he must choose whether to reveal his true identity at the risk of losing her trust and his career.
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My parents believed that women should be independent and
capable. What is your thinking along those lines, Mr. Hampton?” she asked,
purposely goading him.
He emitted a long-suffering sigh. “I do find a capable woman
refreshing, Miss Goodwin. I have no qualms with a woman who wishes to be
independent and, moreover, isn’t afraid to speak her mind.”
She slid him a glance. “Indeed, I think your aunt is
correct. You are a charmer.”
He shrugged. “A woman can profess to be independent in many
things, but there are still times when a man’s involvement is necessary.”
“That is quite enough, Wesley Hampton,” his aunt spoke.
“Name one,” Jane fired back as she crossed her arms.
“Jane!” Isabella turned in her chair and pinned Jane with a
shocked expression.

Wesley’s mouth curled into a wicked smile. He lifted his
brow and set down his cup.
 “A conversation left to another day

About The Author
Amanda McIntyre grew up the daughter of a father who was a distributor for a New York magazine publishing firm, and usually had her nose stuck in the latest issue of Vampirella magazine or a Hitchcock Mystery paperback. She has been called  “a true artist in the writing realm’ and her zest for life inspires her “character-driven” stories. Her passion is to take ordinary people and place them in extraordinary situations. She is a best-selling, multi-genre hybrid author and has received numerous awards and nominations for her work. Amanda is published internationally, in audio, e-book and in print. She currently writes sizzling contemporary cowboy romance and is about to release her first historical erotic thriller.

You can find Amanda here:
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The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane Book Blitz!

SINS OF THE FLESH Book Launch Party – An Excerpt, a Guest Blog and a Radio Interview!

Today we’ve got some really awesome things going on for the launch party! You can download the first chapter of SINS OF THE FLESH for free, catch my guest blog with my friend and fellow author Amanda McIntyre and drop by and listen to my Blog Talk Radio Interview later today!

To download the free excerpt, just click here! (You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to read the excerpt).

To listen to the interview starting at 3 pm EST and even call in/chat your questions for me, you can click here or cut and paste this link:

Finally, drop by and visit me at Amanda’s place from some Coffee Talk! Just click here or cut and paste this link: http://mcintyreshouseofmuse.blogspot.com/

Thoughtful Thursday – The Signs are all around us . . .

The signs are all around us.

Only 75 days until the end . . .
Hurry before it’s too late . . .
Act now, before it’s over . . .

Okay! I get it! It’s hard enough dealing with the end of summer without everyone beating me over the head with information about sales and all the back-to-school supplies that I’ll need to buy.

Summer is probably one of my favorite seasons. Fall is next followed by Spring. Unfortunately, if you live in the Northeast you know that we’ve barely had a summer this year.

June was a washout and July wasn’t much better. August has been sweltering and so my one hope is that we’ll be lucky and have an Indian summer.

Is that PC anymore? Indian summer? According to Wikipedia, “Indian summer is a name given to a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn, not long before winter. Usually occurring after the first frost, Indian summer can be in September, October, or November in the northern hemisphere, and March, April, or early May in the Southern hemisphere.”

As for whether it’s PC or not, according to Wikipedia, the name might mean “false summer” since settlers considered the Native Americans to be deceitful. Really? I’m therefore banning that phrase – Indian Summmer – from my vocabulary!

But I still can wish for a late summer, with nice sunny skies and temperate weather to replace the wet dreary summer we had. Maybe then I’ll get to stick my toes in the sand a little longer and take some more energizing walks down the Shore before the weather gets too cold. Hang out on the balcony and write like a demon in those very creative morning hours.

How was your summer? Are you getting your kids ready for school? Dreaming about some nicer weather before winter settles in?


P.S. – I’ll be picking the winner of yesterday’s guest blog contest over the weekend and will announce the winner on Monday. Many thanks to all of you who visited with my friend Amanda McIntyre and took the time to leave a comment!

Fun Friday – Let Sleeping Cats Lie…

Thanks to my friend Karin for sending these photos of cats being, well, cats. Because they’re cats, they will sleep anywhere they want!

Hope you all enjoy the photos and weekend! Also, prepare for a packed week next week. On August 4 I’ll have Raul Ramos y Sanchez blogging about his new release and also, Amanda McIntyre sharing her latest novel, Tortured, on August 5th. Don’t miss those blogs and the chance to win some prizes.

But now, without further ado, let sleeping cats lie. . .