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Paranormal Romance AZTEC GOLD

AZTEC GOLD Paranormal Romance NovellaOn this very wet and cold Wednesday morning I have a little something to warm you up – an excerpt from AZTEC GOLD, my paranormal romance novella from Carina Press. As you may remember, this story was inspired by my trip to Mexico and an exciting journey up a Pre-Colombian pyramid.

I hope you enjoy this little excerpt. This scene is after archeologist Cynthia Guerrero arrives at a remote village in the Mexican jungle and discovers that her missing ex-lover, Rafe, is alive, but not necessarily well.

Aztec Gold Paranormal Romance Excerpt

Wicked Wednesday – THE FIFTH KINGDOM Romantic Suspense

THE FIFTH KINGDOM Romantic Suspense by Caridad PineiroWhen I was busy thinking about AZTEC GOLD atop that Mexican pyramid (and also wondering how I’d ever get down), I was also envisioning how I could use the locale for another of my favorite things – a romantic suspense novel.

That’s how THE FIFTH KINGDOM was born. I wondered what would happen if someone found something very important, like the tomb of the last great Aztec leader Montezuma. A find like that would have great historic and symbolic significance, especially since only one other such tomb has been found. Of course my writer’s mind then envisioned what would happen if there was something dangerous in the tomb. Something that could do great harm if it fell into the wrong hands. Add a sexy and wounded CIA agent and the daughter of a missing archeologist, who hasn’t seen her mother in nearly 14 years. Shake and you’ve got a romantic suspense novel.

What I liked most about this novel was surprisingly not the action and adventure, but the fragile understanding that develops between Bill Santana, the CIA Agent, and Deanna Vasquez, the daughter who also happens to be a well-known historian in her own right. They are both wounded souls who come to discover that maybe having family is not as bad as they both thought.

Without further ado, a short excerpt from THE FIFTH KINGDOM which will be out in July 2011 from Carina Press.

FIFTH KINGDOM Romantic Suspense by Caridad Pineiro and Carina press