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#ThrowbackThursday A Trip to Mexico

I’ve been very lucky that my day job has let me visit Mexico on a number of occasions. I’ve been to Mexico City, Guadalajara and Tequila. Fascinating places, great food and good-hearted people.

I’ve been fascinated by the Aztecs and the Maya since I read The Conquest of Mexico and Peru as a kid. It’s no wonder that I decided to set two of my books in Mexico: Aztec Gold and The Fifth Kingdom. The Fifth Kingdom in particular is one of my favorite books and it features the Sun Stone, a symbol of Mexico, in the story. That’s the Sun Stone in the bottom left of this photo! It was truly a pleasure to share with you how the Aztecs lived and their culture, as well as their gods and goddesses.

P.S. – My fascination with the Maya was in large part responsible for inspiring the Sin Hunters and the special powers that you first see in THE LOST.

Paranormal Romance AZTEC GOLD

AZTEC GOLD Paranormal Romance NovellaOn this very wet and cold Wednesday morning I have a little something to warm you up – an excerpt from AZTEC GOLD, my paranormal romance novella from Carina Press. As you may remember, this story was inspired by my trip to Mexico and an exciting journey up a Pre-Colombian pyramid.

I hope you enjoy this little excerpt. This scene is after archeologist Cynthia Guerrero arrives at a remote village in the Mexican jungle and discovers that her missing ex-lover, Rafe, is alive, but not necessarily well.

Aztec Gold Paranormal Romance Excerpt