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Mindfulness aka Stop and Smell the Roses #WisdomWednesday

Yesterday I chatted about my weight gain and one of the things that I’ve been doing is being more mindful of what I eat and why. When my mom got cancer, I ate to bury the pain and the stress. That packed on a lot of pounds. I lost them. And then something else happened (or didn’t) and I gained them back. There was a lot of not paying attention to what I was doing or paying too much attention to every little calorie to the point where it became frustrating.

Being more mindful, more in the now and aware of the present, is something I’ve been trying to apply to my eating. Why am I eating? Is it because I am hungry? What am I doing when I’m eating? Watching TV?

I’ve been trying to be more mindful of the food, its taste and scent. Eating it more slowly and enjoying every bite. Making meals count instead of just gobbling them down.

That mindfulness applies to other things as well. Not running around so much and taking time to stop and smell the roses. Living more each day by being grateful for all that I have. Little things like that.

Just some thoughts for you on this Wisdom Wednesday.