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#ThrowbackThursday My Cat Slate

Sorry to have missed you yesterday, but there were all kinds of train problems and it was tough for me to connect to post.

Today’s Throwback is for my little cat Slate. He is such a character! I have never known a cat just like him. He’s very affectionate, especially with my hubby. He loves to hug. He’ll hug your arm or his mom and siblings (who are feral cats that we feed and take care of). With his extra toes, you definitely know he’s hugging you!

He listens like a dog so when hubby says, “Come on, Slate,” he follows. He loves to sleep on hubby’s lap and at night, he’ll sleep at the foot of the bed. The other night, he hugged my foot for a good while before I had to move.

So without further ado . . . Slate.

Fun Friday – Ninja Cat

This Fun Friday I have a very sneaky cat for you! It’s amazing how determined she is and how careful as she approaches her objective. It makes for a good chuckle. Also remember you have until midnight EST TONIGHT to leave a message on the Nancy Thayer blog to possibly win a SINS OF THE FLESH t-shirt.

Ninja Cat @ Yahoo! Video

Fun Friday – Whack a Kitty!

This video apparently created enough of a stir with PETA to make it onto CNN and Fox News. I thought it was a fun parody of the old Whack’a Mole arcade game and it doesn’t look as if the kittens were being hurt in any way. For the story behind the video, you can click here or cut and paste this link into your browser:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!