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Guilty Pleasures Monday – Chad Everett

Chad Everett fromenewsreference.com Used under Fair Use ProvisionsThanks to all of you who made suggestions for Guilty Pleasures Monday! For this Monday, I’m actually calling up a blast from the past – Chad Everett. I was watching a movie this weekend and there he was, looking really good! Chad is best known as Dr. Joe Gannon from Medical Center, a drama that ran from 1969-1973.

NNDB Used under Fair Use provisionsI remember him being so handsome and he was one of my mom’s favorites. Must be the dark hair and blue eyes. Chiseled features and very masculine look to him.

He still looks well and I understand he’s been playing an older Dean on Supernatural.

Thanks for all your suggestions! I’ve got the list and I’ll be using some of your suggestions in the future.