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Tuesday Travels Philly Flower Show & Monaco

I am so excited about the current WIP, TO CATCH A PRINCESS. It is moving along so well and I’m having a blast with it. Only sad part is that I’ve never been to Monaco and so I can’t include any real life experience for you. It looks like such a fabulous place and it’s been on my Bucket List for a while, so hopefully I’ll get there one day.

Right now I’m working on a scene where the hero whisks away the heroine to his family’s villa just outside of Eze, a small town in France. The roads in this area are kind of risky and curvy and with this being a romantic suspense, you just know there has to be some kind of speeding car scene! I won’t say more and ruin it for you.

Here’s a shot of what some of the roads in the area look like! A sure bet for a wild ride.

Eze sculpture garden. - Photo de Eze, Côte d'Azur
Cette photo de Eze est fournie gracieusement par TripAdvisor

But now for some more mundane travel right around the corner from home: Philadelphia. I love the city and of course, the annual flower show! This year it was really nice. The theme was Britain and there were some beautiful gardens and flowers to see and smell.

Here are some of my favorite shots. You can see more by clicking here.

Gamble on Love & Fool for Luv #Giveaway

I’m a sucker for romance. What can I say? I love a good love story. I have since I was a little kid and I’ve yet to lose my hopeful optimism that there is someone out there for everyone.

With that in mind, today and tomorrow we’ve got two fabulous giveaways to help you get in the spirit of love!

To celebrate the release of THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE, join me today and until February 14 at the Entangled Publishing Facebook Page for a chance to name a character in a future book or a Sony E-reader or a $25 Gift Card. Just share your gamble on love to be entered in the giveaway.

For those of you who don’t do Facebook, you can leave a comment on this blog post with your gamble on love.

All of your stories must be posted by midnight PST on February 14th for a chance to win!

Tomorrow through Feb 16th, visit with me at the wonderful Fools For Luv Blogspot for a chance to win an assortment of prizes, including three of my erotic e-novellas – NIGHT OF THE COUGAR, THE VAMPIRE’S CONSORT and NOCTURNAL WHISPERS.


Chicken in Sour Cream – The Way to a Girl’s Heart

THE PRINCE'S GAMBLE Romantic SuspenseFirst of all, many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave a review of THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE. It really means a lot to me that you did that and I thank you. Reviews really help authors to get the word out about their books. Here is one I just got from Fresh Fiction! Thanks, Annette.

Those of you who have read THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE know that there are a number of Russian foods mentioned in the story. In one scene, Prince Alexander decides to show Kathleen just how wrong she has him by making her a Russian-style meal. Prince Alexander serves up chicken with sour cream and butter with a side of a pilaf chock full of an eclectic mix of ingredients as he tries to work his way into Kathleen’s heart.

This morning I’m sharing with you the recipe for Prince Alexander’s Chicken in Sour Cream. This is a really easy recipe that can be adapted in a number of ways. For example, if you’re not a mushroom fan, just leave them out. You can also add some paprika (about 2 tablespoons of sweet paprika) to the sour cream to make Chicken Paprikash. It’s that simple.

Hope you enjoy today’s recipe from THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE.

Chicken in Sour Cream


2 skinless chicken breasts, thinly sliced
1/2 cup onions, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup sour cream
1 cup sliced mushrooms
Salt and pepper to taste


Heat the butter and oil in a saute pan. Pat dry your sliced chicken breasts and brown them in the butter/oil. Remove from the pan and set aside.

Add the mushrooms to the pan and cook until just getting brown. Mushrooms have a lot of water so you always want to cook them by themselves and you want to steam away all that water before adding the other ingredients, otherwise you’ll just be steaming the food.

Add the onions to the mushrooms and cook until the onions are soft and beginning to get golden.

Turn down the heat, add the sour cream to the pan and cook for about 5 to 10 minutes. You can use low-fat sour cream to cut down on the calories. Make sure to scrape the bottom of the pan to get up all those brown bits. Those are the sugars from the food that have caramelized on the pan and have all the tasty goodness! The acid from the sour cream will also help to deglaze the pan. If you wish, you could also put a touch of white wine to deglaze the brown bits and add a little more flavor to the sauce. A small amount of chicken broth will likewise work.

Once the sour cream is warm, add the chicken breast back to the pan and cook for another 10 to 15 minutes. I asked you to thinly slice the breasts to make sure they would cook thoroughly. If you’re using a thicker breast, check for doneness before serving.

You can serve the above dish with white rice, pilaf (next week’s recipe), buttered noodles or even an un-Russian item like spaetzle.

A Sexy Night with a Royal Free Read from THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE

I was having such a fabulous time with Babs on her radio show last night that we forgot to do the giveaway!! So here goes: I shared a secret on the show about something I did during the Las Vegas trip that inspired THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE. Hint: It was not the pole dancing class. LOL! So, post a comment on this blog post on what was the secret I shared last night for a chance to win a collectible print copy of GHOST OF A CHANCE! If you didn’t hear the original broadcast, you can listen to it at this link: http://ht.ly/heWU3

But for now, I’m sharing a sexy night with the luscious Prince Alexander. Warning, this excerpt is for mature audiences. If you can’t see the excerpt below, you can click here to read.

A Sexy Night with a Royal – THE PRINCE'S GAMBLE Romantic Suspense – For Mature Audiences Only by Caridad Pineiro

General Tso’s Chicken Low Fat & Radio Show #Giveaway

My daughter and I picked another healthy version recipe from our Pinterest boards: General Tso’s chicken. I actually cut back even more on the calories by eliminating the oil in the sauce and just relying on reducing it with a slow boil. Just one word of warning, use less red pepper if you do it this way unless you like spicy! Also, make sure to only add the red pepper toward the end of the sauce reduction to avoid the spiciness. Also, I didn’t have apricot jam, but had some orange marmalade to use. Worked out great with that and not too sweet.

The “breading” comes out fabulously crispy and tasty. I set some aside some of the chicken for my daughter to eat as nuggets during the week.

You can find the recipe for this fabulous dish by clicking here!

Maybe make some tonight and pull up a chair and join me at my upcoming radio show with the fabulous Bab from Bab’s Book Bistro! Join me there at 7:30 EST as we chat about the sexy royals from THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE, my exploits along the Jersey Shore, and lots of other fun things. I’ll also be giving away five collectible print copies of my paranormal novella, GHOST OF A CHANCE. Listen in to find out how you can win one of these!

To come and hear the show, chat with us, etc., you can click here or use this link:


Thank you, Laurie London!

Things have been a little crazy the past few days. I tweaked my knee and despite babying, I’m going to have to have surgery. Because of that, this Thank You Thursday is a little late, but I’d like to thank Laurie London for having me as a guest at her blog!

I met Laurie at the RT Convention, although we had worked on an anthology together. Laurie was such a delightful and gracious lady. I was honored to get to spend some time with her.

At Laurie’s blog, I’m sharing some secrets about the dedication for THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE as well as the inspiration behind it. Also sharing my impressions of my brand new publisher, Entangled Publishing, who is making quite a splash in the publishing industry and rightly so.

#ManCandyMonday Prince Alexander Ivanov

You may be wondering what I had in mind when I thought up Prince Alexander from THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE.

Exotic would be a good word to describe him off the bat. FBI Agent Kathleen Martinez certainly thought so at her first meeting with the prince.

Despite his tone and attitude, it was hard for Kathleen to ignore that he was an incredibly handsome man. The pictures and clippings in her file had not done him justice.

Ivanov stood at least six foot two with broad shoulders that strained the expensive fabric of his designer suit. His well-muscled upper body flowed into lean hips and powerful legs.

She dragged her attention back to his face. The muscles in his chiseled jaw clenched with annoyance. It was hard to tell if he had full lips from the angry slash of his mouth. High cheekbones served to highlight winter blue eyes with an exotic tilt. Or maybe his eyes only seemed clear as the sky due to the midnight hair ruthlessly styled into place.

Two gorgeous men in one day, and just her luck they were both connected to her investigation. But while Detective Roman still possessed a hint of boyishness in his features, Alexander was a man with a capital M. Her flare of attraction to him was disturbing on several levels.

LOL, definitely a MAN with all caps. But the things that I found most intriguing about Alexander were the many layers to his personality. Alexander is a man shaped by hardship and yet privileged as few can be. That really brought a number of different traits to him that I found fascinating and that Kathleen did as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy finding out more about Alexander in THE PRINCE’S GAMBLE.

Now to leave you with a little of my inspiration for the prince!

Photo Credit: CURAPhotography@Fotolia.com