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Fun Friday – The Fashionista is Back!

It’s that time of year when women’s thoughts turn to . . .


Check out today’s report on baseball fashions for women at: http://lifemythlegend.blogspot.com/.

For many many many (did you get that – many!) years of my life, I was one of the guys because there was a dearth of “feminine” sports apparel. No more! Now women can cheer their teams on in style.

Also wanted to leave you with this photo that I shot on the way to work. The flowers are up in Bryant Park! If you’re itching to get out into your garden, just remember to check and make sure you’re past getting a killing frost. Also remember that some plants – like tomatoes, basil and peppers — really hate even chilly weather. If you need to put your hands in the soil, go with pansies and other cool weather choices for now. Also think about using combos like these pinks and blue-purples. Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds love these particular colors.