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Guilty Pleasures Monday – Viggo Mortensen

With this being the last Guilty Pleasures Monday of the 2008 (and isn’t it amazing how fast the year has gone by!), I knew today’s hottie had to be amazing and well, he is! I first caught sight of Viggo Mortensen in G.I. JANE and thought, wow, ruggedly handsome. All man.

That impression didn’t change when he played Aragorn (pictured here) in the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy — a must see for fantasy fans.

Viggo has been in a plethora of movies, one of the latest being EASTERN PROMISES. This is a film with a lot of brutal violence, but I really enjoyed the story and Viggo was exceptionally good in the film. Also excellent, but violent, is A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. Both films have unexpected endings, but I won’t spoil them for you. Suffice it to say, you should try and see at least one of them and get your fill of Viggo!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Guilty Pleasure Monday!