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#WriteWed The Power of Pets

I remember when I wrote THE LOST and one of the opening scenes including Spottie, the hero’s pet beagle. In the original version of the scene, it wasn’t quite clear whether the shapeshifting hero drained the dog of life and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, said “Don’t kill the dog!”

I had never meant for the hero to harm the dog and he didn’t, but I had to make sure that was obvious in the scene. Since it was a gflashback to the hero’s youth, that was the only appearance of Spottie. Here’s a photo of the real Spotty who was my husband’s childhood pet.
Spotty the Beagle

Now, while working on #2 in the AT THE SHORE contemporary romance series, I realize that I’ve never really had a book where a pet plays a real role in the story line until now.

Meet Dudley, Jonathan Pierce’s terrier that he rescued from the shelter.
You’ll first encounter Dudley in #1 in the series – ONE SUMMER NIGHT – but it’s in the second story that Dudley really seems to bring people together. There is just something about this cute, smart and obedient pup that breaks down barriers.

The power of pets to do that isn’t something new. There have been various articles that tout the marvelous benefits of pets in helping people to heal emotionally and physically. When you’re feeling down or alone, what’s better than the love freely given by your cat or dog? I confess I have a turtle also, but it’s not very easy to cuddle up to her (or him?)

I’d love to hear about your pets and how they make your life better!

#WriteWed An Ugly Inspiration

Ugly is such a powerful word. It can shape so much of a person’s perception of themselves even when they are not truly ugly. Truly ugly isn’t about the physical. It’s about that person whose heart knows no compassion or love and is only interested in itself.

My heroine in ONE SPECIAL NIGHT (available August 12), Jasmine “Doc” Reyes, thinks she’s ugly, or at least part of her is ugly. She’s come home from war with both emotional and physical scars. Both are hard to handle, but the physical ones are more out there. More visible and therefore hard to hide or avoid.

Enter Tommy de Salvo who has his own ugly inside. His fiancee cheated on him during wedding preparations and Tommy is not about to trust another woman. But there’s something about Jasmine that calls to him and Tommy just can’t resist the puzzle that she is: strong and determined, but also vulnerable and lonely.

I loved bringing Tommy and Jasmine together to help them heal and put the pieces of their lives back together.

Yes, ONE SPECIAL NIGHT is an erotic romance novella, but I still want the romance and emotion of a full read. I hope that when you check it out, you’ll think that I accomplished that.

ONE SPECIAL NIGHT will be available everywhere on August 12th.


Discover THE LOST Energies: Reike

Over the past few days, we’ve talked about ancient relics that have mystical powers, but how did the relics get those powers? Did they come from the materials with which they were made or from an external force, possibly the person or people who made it?

So today’s discussion is about human sources of energy and how you can access them. It’s what inspired the SIN HUNTERS who are an ancient race that have learned to tap the potential of their particular affinities as well as the energies of the people, things and nature around them.

But to start that discussion I guess that means that one has to believe that people inherently possess some kind of life energy – a ch’i (or chi or qi) as the Chinese would call the energy flow within us.

I believe in that and if you think about it, how many people do you know that are the “life of the party” and just full of energy. How many others are perpetually downers, that can drain the life from you by their very presence? (I based the SHADOW HUNTER faction of the SIN HUNTERS on such energy vampires!)

But what do you do about that energy and how do you tap into it? One way that some claim to do so is through the spiritual practice of Reike. Reike was first practiced in the 1920s by Buddhist monks and involves the laying on of hands to transfer healing power. A first level Reike practictioner can heal herself and others while a second level can even do so at a distance. Reike masters are able to teach others the skill.

The word Reike in Japanese comes from a combination of the words Rei meaning “soul or spirit” and Qi meaning “life.”

Now I’ve not had the opportunity to try out Reike, but I definitely think there are things that can “lift my spirit.” The ocean for example, is one thing that makes me feel peace and somehow makes me feel stronger. Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces. Who knows. But it’s why I love spending time at the beach and also why my SIN HUNTERS are so connected to the elements of nature along the shore.

How about you? Do you believe in those life energies within us? Do you believe you can grow them, move them around or drain them?

Also, just a quick reminder that tonight is the night! I’ve got Jeaniene Frost visiting with me live on camera for some sexy fun, romance talk and prizes. If you can’t see the widget below, just use this link to access the live event tonight at 9 pm EST: http://t.wbx.me/fbam1

Reike Photo Credit: Cegomez@wikipedie.en.com