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#WineWednesday Gran Marnier Rosé Spritz

Many thanks to those of you who dropped by for the chat last night! We had a blast and it was wonderful getting to know you!

So I’m trying to hold onto summer a little longer since it’s my favorite time of year and what’s better in the summer than a cooling wine spritzer. This recipe was adapted from one from Bon Apétit which called for the use of Aperol. By the way, if you haven’t tried an Aperol Spritz, please do so. I had one the other day for the first time and it was delicious.

But now, picture this. You out on the beach, reading a good book. Maybe even ONE SUMMER NIGHT while you sip your Gran Marnier Rosé Spritz!

Gran Marnier Rosé Spritz

3/4 cup mango nectar, chilled
1/4 cup Gran Marnier (You could also use Cointreau or Benedictine or Triple Sec – anything orange-flavored)
1 bottle sparkling Rosé or if you’d like, Moscato Asti, chilled
2 tsp sugar
Juice of one orange

Mix all the above in a pitcher and stir! Serve chilled and garnish with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry (only because I really like those! LOL) Or use lime wedges and berries as a garnish. You can also change out the Rosé with a nice prosecco. In fact, there are lots of tasty fruit-flavored proseccos out now that would work well in the recipe.

Jose Cuervo Smoothies

SmoothieI was in Costco last weekend and came across Jose Cuervo Strawberry Margarita mix. Yum. The only thing tastier is a mango margarita, but I’m not sure that flavor is popular enough to merit a mix.

But, I love strawberry margaritas and even better – It’s delicious as just a smoothie! Add a banana or some other fresh fruit or even some fruit sorbet to kick your smoothie up a notch.

I haven’t tried adding a low fat yogurt or ice cream for a creamy smoothie, but I think I’ll give that a shot this weekend when I have some friends over.

For more great Jose Cuervo products and recipes, you can visit www.cuervo.com.

**Disclaimer: In my other life, Jose Cuervo is a client, but I’m offering you this Tuesday Tip because it’s an awfully good mix!