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Thoughtful Thursday – Time Flies

timeFirst of all, my apologies for not getting a Wicked Wednesday offering for you, but I ran out of time yesterday for a number of reasons.

In the morning I was busy finalizing the next vampire book – ARDOR CALLS – which will be out sometime in 2010. Then I had to pick up my daughter from school since she just finished her finals. It was a mad day of rushing around and watching time fly by.

Which brings up this Thoughtful Thursday topic – Time.

It’s been the subject of two of my favorite shows – FRINGE and LOST. Probably no wonder about that since J.J. Abrams has his hands in both shows.

But even before that I’ve been fascinated by all the theories of time – that it’s a mobius loop or that each decision we make creates a different branches of time, including one where we made a different decision. Then there’s the whole time seeming slow or fast on any given day.

For me, this year just seems to have gone whizzing by. My hubby feels the same way, so I asked my daughter on the car ride home yesterday, “Did this year seem to go slow for you?” to which she replied, “No, it just went way too fast.”

I was glad to hear she felt the same way, but that’s another theory of time. That it isn’t regular the way we think of it with minutes and hours being a set length. Some people think that a minute in time can actually take be longer or shorter which accounts for our perceptions of it being a fast or slow day.

What do you think? Next time you think the day is going fast, ask someone else? Do they feel the same way? If they do, does that mean that the 24 hours are going much faster than they really are?