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#WriteWed – Between the Pages of a Book SOLID GOLD BACHELOR by Kathye Quick

I have been struggling with focus and a massive project at work that is mentally draining me. Because of that, I needed something to take my mind off things and relied on my go to therapy – reading a book. “Between the pages of a books is where I want to be!”

Nothing could be more true and I was lucky enough to have received an arc of SOLID GOLD BACHELOR by Kathye Quick which is now available for pre-order. The ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this second chance at love story between the responsible rich girl and the bad boy rock star from the wrong side of the tracks. Add in mobsters, murder and a secret baby and the story had my attention until the very end. Plus the icing on the cake was that it was set in New Jersey, adding that hometown element to the feel of the story.

Hope you have an easy Hump Day!

Guilty Pleasure Monday – Patrick Dempsey

I have to confess that I never watched Grey’s Anatomy, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a cutie like Patrick Dempsey.

I remember him catching my eye in MOBSTERS, where he also starred with a number of other hotties, like Christian Slater, Richard Grieco and Costas Mandylor!

More recently I’ve enjoyed seeing him in MADE OF HONOR and ENCHANTED.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Guilty Pleasure.

Patrick Dempsey

Photo Credit: CynSimp@en.wikipedia.com