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#ManCandyMonday Olympian David Oliver

With the Olympics in full swing I thought it was time to pick an Olympian for today’s Man Crush Monday. Say hi to David Oliver, Team USA Hurdler in the 2008 Olympic Games where he won a Bronze. David is also a world champion at various international competitions and boy does he have an awesome smile. You can find out more about David at davidoliversub13.com
David Oliver Olympian

Photo Credit: Grzegorz Jereczek from Gdańsk, Poland (IAAF World Athletics Final Stuttgart 2008) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Guilty Pleasure Monday – Buster Crabbe

This weekend I deconstructed the Star Trek movie with my buddies at the Liberty States Fiction Writers. A fun time was had by all as we watched the new version and discussed the various series with which some of us had grown up.

Feeling nostalgic, it made me recollect my earliest sci fi series – Flash Gordon as portrayed by Buster Crabbe. Buster would go on and play Tarzan in one movie and then another nameless jungle man in various other movies (which I also loved!). Buster also played Buck Rogers, another of my favorites.

Buster was a talented swimmer who won both a Bronze and Gold medal at the Olympics (in 1928 and 1932 respectively).

He starred in hundreds of movies and television shows throughout his life and when his career started to wane, he became a representative for a New Jersey pool company.

If you want to check out the Flash Gordon series for yourself, the earlier Flash Gordon shows and movies are available in DVD format.

Flash Gordon DVD - Copyright St. Clair Vision