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#ManCandyMonday Trevor from ONE LAST NIGHT

One Special Night New Adult Erotic Military RomanceI am so excited to say that I just finished ONE LAST NIGHT, the next novella in the Take a Chance series. Now it’s a final read, review by my copy editor, create a cover and have it ready for you by October 19th!

Yeah! ONE LAST NIGHT is the story of Marine Lieutenant Trevor Mason who has just a few days left before he returns to duty. In that short time, there is just one thing he wants to do: reconcile with his estranged father. The last thing he expects is to meet up again with Maggie Sullivan, a young woman who he knew from his days in high school.

What happens between Maggie and Trevor is sudden and sexy, but also emotional and uplifting. I hope you’ll feel the same way after reading the novella.

This is a standalone novella, although you will find out what’s happening with characters from the earlier two novellas, JUST ONE NIGHT (a Top 30 Military Romance! THANK YOU!) and ONE SPECIAL NIGHT.

Since it is Man Candy Monday, I’m sharing a photo that I thought represented what Trevor might look like. What do you think? Handsome, right?

Man lying in bed smiling

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#WriteWed #OneNightOnly Playlist Teenaged Dream by Katy Perry

I love Katy Perry! Okay, now that I got that out of my system. . .

One of the things that Nickie and Jase banter about in JUST ONE NIGHT, my contribution to the ONE NIGHT ONLY erotic romance anthology is how Nickie reads romance novels during her summers on the beach.

Actually, Nickie also spends a lot of time fantasizing about Jase as he’s up in the lifeguard stand and pictures him as the hero in one of her novels. She finally confesses that to Jase during their one night together.

Somehow TEENAGED DREAM by Katy Perry came to mind when I asked myself what song might be right for the playlist for Nickie and Jase’s story. I could imagine Nickie listening to this on her Ipod while she kind of reads her romances and wishes she had the courage to finally take a chance with Jase.

If you can’t see the Katy Perry video below, please click here.