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#ThrowbackThursday Baseball is in the Blood

You could say baseball is in our blood. We all love to play and watch baseball. I used to play catcher in high school and my husband was an outfielder for his Little League team. My daughter was a mean third baseman, just like her fav player, the Mets’ David Wright. Speaking of the Mets, so sad. I’m convinced I’m a jinx. Every time that I’ve had division playoff tickets, they’ve lost. I won’t buy them again. Sigh.

Anyway, today’s throwback is to my daughter during her high school playing days.

#FreebieFriday Rookie of the Year Contemporary Romance

Good morning! A truly good morning it is since the Mets won last night and advance in the playoffs. I have to say, however, that the Cubbies are going to give them a tough time. But seeing as I love baseball, I have a freebie for you that is an homage to my love of the game – a sexy contemporary romance involving a tempting rookie from a fictional NJ baseball team and his older female trainer. ROOKIE OF THE YEAR is #4 in the Jersey Girls Contemporary Romance series. Don’t worry, the stories in the series all stand alone.

I’ve got 25 free copies for you guys. Click here to get your free copy of ROOKIE OF THE YEAR.

All I ask is that if you read the book you leave an honest review. Thanks and have a great weekend.

#ThrowbackThursday Let’s Go Mets!

Baseball players are superstitious and I guess so are baseball fans. Last two times I wore my Mets sweatshirt they won, so I’m wearing it again for the decisive Game 5. If there is karma, they should win because that Utley play was horrible and affected the outcome of the game. So here’s me from this morning with my lucky sweatshirt.

And for good measure, a real Throwback Thursday. This is a picture of my daughter and I at Shea Stadium for a 2007 division playoff game against the Cardinals. Actually, it was a rained out game and we sat in the stadium, getting wet, until they decided not to play. We had a fun time and returned a day or so later only to watch our beloved Mets lose to the Cardinals. Hoping today’s outcome is way different.


Guilty Pleasures Monday – Phillie’s Chase Utley

With my beloved Mets out of post-season play (again!), I’m rooting for the NL East Champion Phillies to go all the way!

There are so many players on the Phillies that are certified cuties, but I’ll start with Mr. Dependable – Chase Utley. I just love his work ethic and his boy-next-door charm. Did I mention his good looks as well?

Here’s hoping you get another ring, Chase!

Photo Credit: Googie Man@en.wikipedia.com