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We’ve had interest from a couple of production companies for SINS OF THE FLESH and so for today’s Wicked Wednesday I’m having a casting call to see who you think would make a better Caterina Shaw, the heroine in the novel. To help you make a decision, here’s a little info about Caterina and a teaser – the inside cover copy!

Caterina Shaw is half-Irish/half-Mexican and a celebrated cellist. She’s been diagnosed with a brain tumor that has suddenly become more aggressive, making her lose her sight and be in constant pain. She goes to Wardwell Laboratories, a company renowned for gene research and engineering, for a radical gene therapy to slow the growth of the tumor. Unfortunately, the scientists use Caterina for a guinea pig, making her something more, and less, than human. Tall and lean, but womanly, Caterina has cerulean blue eyes and long wavy brown hair.

So check out this teaser and then let me know who you think would make the best Caterina.


Her Touch — Innocent and Honest — Ripped Through His Body

… tightening Mick’s gut and creating an unexpected and unwanted reaction. She had brushed the tips of her fingers across his bruise. And from the tremble of her fingers, Caterina clearly had experienced something intense as well.

He rose from the chair and the motion brought him close to her. Too close. Her eyes were that intense dark blue once more, the pupils wide. The blush was even stronger across the high slashes of her cheekbones. She licked her lips.

Very human lips.

Very luscious womanly lips.

He dipped his head down, hesitating when he was about an inch away. Warning himself that if he took a
taste …


Ready to decide? Is it Kate Beckinsale on the left, Evangeline Lilly on the right or the gorgeous cover model from the back cover of SINS OF THE FLESH? Or do you have someone else in mind for Caterina Shaw?

Author:  Mario Antonio Pena Zapatería Used under Creative Commons LicenseAuthor WatchWithKristen used under  Creative Commons License