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Fun Friday -Will & Kate & Bachelor Parties

Thanks for yesterday! I spent the morning at IKEA finding new furniture for my child and then spent another seven (7!!!) hours assembling it. Needless to say, I am sore this morning and needing a little fun.

That’s why I am sharing Episode 3 of the very Funny or Die spoof on Will & Kate called “Will & Kate Before Happily Ever After”. There are actually 4 episodes, but I found this one kind of hysterical as Kate discusses the need for penis-shaped things at “hen” parties. Visit funnyordie.com for the remainder of the series.

Here goes and I hope you’ll all have a great weekend. If you can’t see the video below, you can click here:

The Royal Wedding

There are some memories that never leave you, whether good or bad. 9/11. That memory will never fade especially as the tenth anniversary approaches.

The shock of going to the convenience store one summer weekend to pick up bagels and the paper and seeing that Princess Di had been killed.

Watching Princess Di marry Prince Charles on another summer day. My mom and I had gotten up early to watch together. She had been diagnosed with cancer just a couple of months earlier. Little did I know I would only have her for another short couple of months.

Still, it was a magical memory. The carriage. The gown. The traditions. I still remember it to this day!

So here’s a look back in time to that day. Tomorrow I will be recording the wedding so that my daughter and I can sit side-by-side watching the event. Maybe I’ll buy some scones and clotted cream. Whip up a little tea for us to enjoy while we watch.