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Guilty Pleasure Monday – Tom Welling

First of all, I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving weekend! I had a wonderful time seeing family and friends as well as getting in a ton of writing on the new books that are due soon.

There has been a lot of talk about who should be the choice for the new SUPERMAN movie that’s in the works and for me, there is only one choice: Tom Welling.

He’s handsome and nicely built. He plays Superman in the SMALLVILLE series and it only seems about time that he be allowed to grow up and become the adult Superman. He’s perfect for the role.

How do you feel about a possible new Superman movie? Any thoughts on who you would like to fill the shoes of the super hero?

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A Little Different Tuesday – Celebrate at RomCon With Me!

We’re having a slightly different Tuesday today for lots of reasons. It’s Groundhog Day for one and I hope that pesky critter (whose distant cousin has been ravaging my garden for years) is predicting an end to winter.

It’s also my grandma’s b’day. She would have been ancient! LOL! 106 to be exact, although she only lived to 94. Still a good age by any measurement.

But the big celebration is the launch of the ROMCON forums and a chance to win an assortment of prizes.

Here’s the note from ROMCON for you:

    RomCon celebrates 14 Days of Love February 1 – 14! Join us as we launch our three different reader forums, Contemporary, Historical, and Fantasy/Futuristic & Paranormal (FF&P), with visits from special guest authors, fun topics to chat about, and gifts and goodies galore!

    Any reader who leaves a comment during our special promotion will be entered to win a free Reader Registration to RomCon™ 2010! And any author who provides goodies for this exciting event will be entered to win an Author Registration to RomCon™ 2010!

I’m blogging on super powers and would love to hear about what super power you would choose if you could have one! Drop by the FF&P Forum by clicking here:

Please note you do have to register to be able to post comments! Drop by the other forums and topics as well for a chance to win a reader registration to the conference. I’ve also donated a prize: autographed copies of FURY CALLS and SINS OF THE FLESH as well as a SINS insulated lunchbag!

Be sure to leave a comment to be entered for the giveaways. Thanks!