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Fun Friday – Taming the Vampire Craze

Just a quick reminder that I’m guest blogging with fellow author Kelly Moran who has an interview with me as well as a book giveaway! I’ll be dropping by to chat again today so please come for a visit. Here’s the link to her blog: http://authorkellymoran.blogspot.com/

I want to thank all of you who have been so gracious in visiting me at my various blog stops to celebrate the release of SINS OF THE FLESH. This is such an important move for me as an author and I appreciate all that support.

And now . . . It’s time for Fun Friday!!

Many thanks to my friend and fellow author Irene Peterson for sharing this gem with me. Sit back and relax – it’s six minutes long!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Fun Friday – Tough Movie Choices

Superheroes or outerspace? Futuristic versus anarchistic? I am in the throes of making some tough movie choices this month since I’m trying to be more frugal, but there are three – count them three – movies that so need to be seen on the big screen! Such tough choices.

First there’s X-MENS: ORIGINS WOLVERINE. Hugh Jackman. What can I say. Very hot. Love superheroes. But, I suspect there aren’t as many big screen action scenes in this one compared to the other two. Here’s a trailer for you to watch!

Then there is the latest installment of the STAR TREK franchise starring sexy Chris Pine playing a bad boy Kirk. It looks like this would be a good one to watch on the big screen and it’s a tough choice between this one and my last possibility. What do you think? Does the trailer snag you?

Finally, the one that will probably win the battle since both hubby and I looked at one another and said, WOW! It’s got hottie Christian Bale, although his latest antics have worn away a lot of the hotness factor. Still, this is another franchise that I love and as Arnold said, “I’ll be back.” The franchise is back and it’s looking really good. What do you think?