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Windmill Hot Dogs Down the Shore Flavors

This Fun Friday I am getting ready to head down the Shore for more research and to film some videos for an upcoming Behind the Scenes look at STRONGER THAN SIN. But while I am doing all that, I will also take a break to savor one of the Jersey Shore’s special treats: Windmill hot dogs and cheese fries.

Yes, I know my cholesterol level just went up several points just thinking about them, but moderation is the key. I don’t go there every day although I wish I could.

If you are ever down the shore, stop by one of their many locations and try out one of their hot dogs loaded with your choice of condiments and their tasty cheese fries. My daughter and I share an order because between them and the over-sized dogs, it’s quite a lot of food. My favorite dog is the cheese dog!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be back on Monday and starting next Thursday you’re going to be seeing something new – a Thursday Thirteen meme. Should be fun thinking up of 13 things you should know about every Thursday!