Wicked Wednesday – Wicked Reviews for BLOOD CALLS

WOW! I’ve run across two amazingly wicked good reviews for BLOOD CALLS and I can’t wait to share them with you! And yes, this is tooting my own horn a bit, but these were just so wonderful that they made me smile and so I want to share that bit of happiness with you.

The first review is just so outright witty and sexy wicked, that I suggest you read through all the reviews at this site because they are outrageously funny and delightful.

So, click here to check out what Dame Vanessa Charles has to say while awarding BLOOD CALLS 5 Pearls, although here’s a little sneak peak of how it begins:

  • “Darlings, there is nothing I enjoy more than a little bite during foreplay! And does this book have bite! I don’t mind a little biting as long as his teeth stay away from my plastic surgery. It takes a lot of money to look this good, Darlings!”
  • This next excerpt is from the wickedly good review from BookPedlr where I will also be guest-blogging on May 18th:

  • “Pineiro does something that Anne Rice can’t do: she gives life and depth to her vampire characters. There is such depth that they are almost human. In fact, Diego is a constant struggle between good and evil, between giving into what he wants and running away from it. There is such flow in the prose in Blood Calls that it goes beyond your normal vampire novel. It evokes grace, beauty and wonderment as you are pulled deeper and deeper into the world around Ramona and Diego. I can’t stress how amazing this book is. It’s erotic, sensual and a downright fantastic read.”
  • Hope you’ve enjoyed these wickedly amazing reviews and if you’ve read BLOOD CALLS, let me know what you think! My one friend said it ended just way too fast. She wanted more!!

    For another fun read, check out my encounter with Henri the Ghost — quite a bit of fun as well.

    3 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – Wicked Reviews for BLOOD CALLS”

    1. Hey Kerri — I’m there tonight at Noveltalk!! I can’t to chat with all of you!!

      That Buffy scene was absolutely amazing. It’s in the final episodes of Season 3 and yes, the censors spiffed on that one because the bite is a full-fledged orgasm right on the screen. Very hot.

      And yes, biting can be interesting. I’ve had a scene or two where the mortals put the bite on the vamps and it was very very rewarding!

    2. Well duh, let me answer my very own question (must learn to check my own schedule!)…you’re chatting with us tonight, eh?

      I’ll be there with bells on…and nothing else. 😉

    3. Re: Biting during foreplay….

      Just couldn’t resist a comment about this from one of your faboo reviews! I happen to have a new fiance that is all about the biting. LOL I never thought of myself as someone who would enjoy such a thing although images of a particular episode of Buffy comes to mind. Remember the one (I think in Season 3) where she has to let Angel bite her in order to recover from a poisonous arrow injury? That is the hottest, sexiest biting scene in the whole series, imho. Buffy has an orgasmic experience when he latches onto her.

      So, I guess I’m saying…consider me a fan of the biting! 🙂

      Congrats on your rave reviews, hon. I know that you truly deserve it. When are you coming over to NovelTalk to chat with us? We’d love to see you there.

      Happy Hump Day!

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