Wicked Wednesday – The Ultimate Vampire Kiss

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And now to this Wicked Wednesay day treat! Those of you who have been following THE CALLING vampire novels may have seen that there are different kinds of kisses a vampire can bestow. There’s the kiss to make a keeper or one for that night’s meal for starters. For more on the different kinds of kisses, including the ultimate kiss, you can visit the Vampire Rules section at THE CALLING site where I’ll shortly be adding another rule — one having nothing to do with a vampire’s kiss. If you’ve read FATE CALLS, you may have already realized what it is!

For today, however, I’m going to leave you with a little sampling from FATE CALLS in HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE.


“Love me, Hadrian,” she said and laid a hand over his heart, which thumped strongly beneath her hand.

Ever thoughtful, he began, “Are you — ”

“Sure? More than you can know.”

Tension escaped from his body beneath her hand, the way the hesitation washed away with the water streaming down their bodies.

He bent down from his greater height and kissed her, holding her tight against him as he devoured her mouth with his, murmuring soft words of love in a language that needed no translation.

They were both breathing raggedly when he shifted, lowering himself to suckle her breasts and intensify the need building inside of her. She begged him then for fulfillment, needing no further preliminaries and he complied, easing one thigh between her legs and finding the center of her. Slowly he eased himself within, stretching her with his width and igniting yet more heat as he penetrated her.

She grabbed hold of his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his hips, deepening his possession.

He groaned and splayed one hand across the small of her back while bracing the other on the wall of the shower stall. He met her gaze as he shifted his hips and drove upward, yanking a startled gasp from her due to the strength of his thrust.

“Did I hurt you, cara?” he asked, but didn’t wait for her answer to bend his head and tug at her distended nipple with his mouth.

She held his head to her with one hand, using the other to steady her as she moved her hips and rode him, the heat of the water nothing compared to that building in their bodies.

The climax that came was swift and punishing, leaving them clinging to one another as if separation would bring pain.

And maybe it would, she thought, holding him tight to her even after he had slipped from her body.

He, too, refused to lose his connection since he somehow managed to grab a towel and wrap them in it, their damp bodies fused together. His returning to life more quickly than she had imagined. When he eased within her again, she was still slick and swollen from their earlier lovemaking. The friction of him moving within quickly pulled a release from her, but he remained rock hard as he walked her back to the bed and laid her on the edge so he could touch her while he continued his slow, tantalizing strokes.

As he caressed her nipples, rotating them with his fingers, she came again, her body arching off the bed, begging for more and he gave it, moving one hand down to put pressure on the aching nub of her clitoris. Rubbing it and intensifying the release ripping through her body until he gave one last powerful thrust and came again. His body shuddering from the force of his release.

When he dropped down onto her, he was trembling and she felt the heat of his body.

As he raised himself up on one hand, he wore his demon face and something inside of her responded. Heat erupted inside of her, nearly searing her body from its strength. She knew what he wanted. What was needed to finish this coupling, but he asked anyway.

“Bite me, cara. Make me yours,” he said and she lifted her head and sank her fangs into his neck.

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  2. Thanks so much!! And thanks for listening to the radio talk show. It was such a blast since Michele and Mandy are so wonderful.

    Yep, the Chicas books are totally grounded in what happens to everyday women, unlike those pesky chupacabras.

    I got quite a kick when one of my friends forwarded the story about on in Texas. I think I put it up on the blog somewhere if you want to check out the archives.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Positively yummy excerpt. *Smile* Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed listening to your interview on the Raven Happy Hour Radio. I couldn’t tune in at 8 a.m. Pacific time so I listened to it around 2 p.m. Loved the stuff about El Chupacabras. Completed related to how a woman feels when a friend marries. Thanks for sharing.

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