Guilty Pleasures Monday – THE CALLING Heads to South Beach

alex2.jpgNope, you read that right! THE CALLING is headed to Miami next year. After FURY CALLS, which will feature sexy punk vampire Blake Richards and Meghan Thomas, we’re going to take a little trip south for a change of pace in ARDOR CALLS. Or should I say Stacia is going to be heading down to South Beach.

You may remember Blake and Stacia from DESIRE CALLS, but if you haven’t had a chance to read that novella, you can do that free read by clicking here.

Why South Beach for Stacia? Well, this 2,000 year old vampire is a little tired of the lovefest in Manhattan and is desiring a bite of something new. Maybe something like a hot and sexy Cubanito like Alex Garcia, Diana’s old college love.

So, this Monday’s Guilty Pleasure is Alex Garcia (or at least, a guy who looks like I imagined Alex!)

One last note — GO GIANTS!!!! What a game!