What Turns You On?

Now that I’ve got your attention this Monday morning, I’d like to hear from you about your Guilty Pleasures. You see, the three Nocturne Bites I was writing are now becoming Nocturne Cravings. Great name, Cravings. It speaks to what we desire. What we need. What turns us on.

Contrary to what some life coach said about romances ruining women, women can separate reality from fantasy. Reading romances is about being entertained and it’s also about believing in the happily-ever-after. That everyone will eventually find the person who is right for them and not necessarily a “perfect” man. I think we all know that there are no “perfect” people out there, but we hope to find someone who sustains us emotionally. That’s what romance is about.

But back to this discussion. What do you notice first in a man? Is there something that really attracts you, either physically or emotionally?

I have to confess that nice hands are something that catch my eye. Strong. Masculine. Well-kept but not manicure perfect. Real hands.

As for the emotional part: humor. A man who can make me laugh even when I am in my deepest dumpiest mood is golden.

How about you? Please take a moment to share and inspire me as I work on these upcoming novellas.

12 thoughts on “What Turns You On?”

  1. My husband is a 6’7″ tall dark & handsome puerto rican with a delicious accent. I talked to him before seeing him & fell in love with his humor & voice, before I even saw him I was hooked. We have been married almost 12 years & he still makes me laugh. Throw in the blue machanic pants he wears & the black work boots and that make mommy a happy woman.

  2. Hello Monday!!! 😉
    The overall package gets a first glance, but it is the eyes which will hook me… seeing his emotions through his eyes… a nice smile, a great sense of humor all pluses.

  3. I notice a man’s eyes and his smile first. Then I will look at his hair and body type…but none of that is as important as his personality, self confidence and sense of humor. A smart, funny and kind man trumps everything else!

  4. the first thing i notice is a tall broad shoulder man.when i say tall it is kind of relative as i am only 5’0″ but i do like a man at least 6’0″ and i want him to be strong enough to pick me up but gentle enough to hold a child(if that makes any sense). then i notice his eyes,as i believe the eyes are the mirrors of the soul.
    as for emotionally i want an intellegant man that has a sense of humor and alot of patience as i have a little bit of an italian temper. LOL

  5. I usually notice eyes and hands. For me it’s the size of the hands..large but not huge. There’s something in my mind that says large hands make me feel safe and secure. Basically, I prefer men the same way. I’m not usually into “skinny” men. But I’m not saying I like “fat” men either lol. Just not tiny. Jeez, I can’t explain this well lol. Let’s forget the hands and go to the eyes. Cuz as dumb as it sounds, they need to suit his face. It makes sense in my head, trust me. Hey..I’m from Jersey..I’ve seen some pretty weird eye/face combos lmao.

    As for emotionally, a friend once told me the best advice he ever got about getting girls was, “If you can make her laugh, you can get her into bed.” (Again…these are Jersey people talking) But it’s basically true. If a guy can make me laugh, I’m already partially hooked. But I also agree with Sarah. He has to be able to show caring and tenderness, too. Strong, tender, and funny…there ya go. Just ignore the rest of my rambling 🙂

  6. Physicaly I always notice working men, like guys who work on landscaping crews, auto mechanics, construction workers. There is just something sexy about a man that works hard.
    Emotionally I like men who are caring. Men who spend time with their kids, hold hands with their wife. I am married to a man who is the cub scout leader, but is also the co-leader of our daughter’s girl scout troop because they need more leaders. Just some thoughts.

    1. Totally agree on the hard-working man. I like military heroes for that reason. Also love the hand-holding. Hubby and I hold hands every morning.

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