Grilling Your Food & Health Risks #TuesdayTip

This morning I was reading a magazine that mentioned the risks of grilling your food and the connection to cancer. Apparently there is no hard evidence about this, although there are some studies that say that grilling, as well as broiling and frying, can create some compounds that are associated with certain cancers.

There are steps you can take to lower the risk (if it exists).

  • Cook for less time at a much higher temperature.
  • Lower the temperature and cook the meat/fish longer.
  • Trim fat so you don’t get a lot of drips and flare-ups.
  • Clean all charred bits off the grill and take them off your food.
  • Cook fish which doesn’t create as many of the compounds that could harm you.
  • Marinate your meat/fish and use spices like red pepper, rosemary and garlic.

Hope today’s Tuesday Tip was a help!
Grilling Tips

For additional reading on this subject, please try:

Eating Well
American Institute for Cancer Research
Rodale’s Organic Life
Prevention Magazine

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#ManCandyMonday Say Hello to the Dark Knight Matt Harvey!

Besides being an awesome pitcher, he is soooo sexy! Of course, you know I’m a Mets fan and a little disappointed by their recent outings. Despite that, I have faith that they’ll regroup and be in the run for the playoffs come September. My husband thinks I’m crazy, of course. But heck, it takes character and a little craziness to be a Mets fan! LOL.

Photo by Michael LeBrecht.

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#FunFriday All Kinds of Funny Stuff

It’s been a long few weeks! I’m glad this weekend will be a little easier for me and give me a little time to recover. Hope you enjoy today’s funnies. My favorite is the planking one. Makes me think of when I do yoga (or maybe it’s better to say try to do yoga).

What Planking Really Looks Like Funny Meme

Thinking Outside the Box Funny Meme

Screwed Up My Diet Funny Meme

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#ThrowbackThursday Me & a Furry Friend RT 2011

We’re almost at the end of the week! Thank you! This is a picture of me and a furry friend from the 2011 RT in Los Angeles. Whose scared of a little wolf? Or maybe a big wolf? Not me! LOL.

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#WriteWed Joint Task Force Inspiration #Military

JTFESLogoI’m hard at work on a new story that will be released as part of CJ Lyon’s Shadow Ops world. Very excited to be working with CJ on this project. When I was trying to work up a story, I realized that the elements for it were staring me right in the face every day, namely, the men and women of the Joint Task Force Empire Shield.

The Task Force was formed after the September 11 attacks and is headquartered in Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn. This is a National Guard task force that is on state active duty (SAD). Check out these photos of the task force training and on duty.

The heroine in my story is a Warrant Officer in the New York Army National Guard. Can’t wait to finish the story and see what happens!
JTFES Logo Credit:

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You know what I did this summer . . .

LOL! I bet you don’t. Thank you for indulging me with some time off. It was truly a very hectic time as I was busy researching a new book, swamped with my legal work and very hands-on with building and installing some fixtures for my daughter’s new surf and skate shop location. I love working with my hands and as tiring as it was, it was very satisfying to see the location taking shape.

Here are some photos of the fixtures and shelving I put together. My daughter had some great ideas for them and I was glad to help.

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Taking a little break . . .

I’m in the midst of a number of work, writing and moving issues and will be taking a little break from the blog. Don’t worry, though! I’ll be back after Memorial Day, bright and energized. Thanks for your understanding!

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#ManCandyMonday A Tale of Two Ryans

I have to say I was on the fence about Ryan until I started watching Crazy, Stupid Love the other day. Wow. So sexy. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish watching the movie, so I’ll have to track it down.

This is a Vine with Ryan Gosling created by Ryan McHenry, a Scottish film director who unfortunately died of cancer just a short time ago. Ryan McHenry was known for his humor and upbeat personality. RIP.

This Vine is from the Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal Vine series.

The two Ryans had some laughs over the Vines and here is Ryan Gosling’s tribute to Ryan McHenry.

To see more Vines in the series, please visit Ryan McHenry’s Vine Channel.

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#TeaserTuesday The Prince’s Gamble Romantic Suspense

Almost three years ago I released The Prince’s Gamble, a romantic suspense story set in Atlantic City.

I’m happy to say that I’ll be re-releasing that novel in early June. The re-release will include a print version of the book for those of you who love to have them as keepers. I’ll also be re-releasing the second book in the series, To Catch a Princess, in July.

Many of you had been asking whether there would be a third story in the series with the thief from To Catch a Princess and I’m happy to say “Yes!” Once I finish writing Embrace the Night, the next book in the Take a Chance series, I’ll get to work on a story for the thief.

Please click here if you cannot see The Prince’s Gamble excerpt.

THE PRINCE'S GAMBLE Romantic Suspense Help Rebuild the Shore Campaign

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#ManCandyMonday Jason Castro Houston Astros

It is baseball season, so look for lots of sexy baseball players for Man Candy Monday! Today’s choice is catcher Jason Castro. Jason is a catcher for the Houston Astros and was a reserve catcher for the 2013 All-Star Game.

By EricEnfermero (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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