Sin Hunters

I want to thank all of you who have been writing to tell me how much you’ve been loving the Carrera family, as well as enjoying the towns along the Jersey Shore where the SINS series was set.

With THE LOST, I introduced a much darker paranormal series I’m calling SIN HUNTERS. The stories are still set along the Jersey Shore and you’ll have the beloved Carreras, but now you’ll also get to meet an exciting new race of people: The Light and Shadow Hunters.

Why the change? There was something about Bobbie Carrera, the heroine in THE LOST, that needed something different and something very special. Someone very special. Bobbie is an Iraq war veteran and she’s home from battle, but wounded both physically and emotionally. She’s busy trying to put her world back together and the last thing she needs is more conflict in her life.

But I’m a bad girl, you know. I love to challenge my characters into facing their most extreme hurts because that only makes their happiness that much sweeter. I think you love that as well because there is nothing more uplifting than seeing how love can truly conquer all.

The second book in the series, THE CLAIMED, was released in May 2012 and I plan on releasing the third book in the series, THE SHATTERED, in late 2016.

I hope you will enjoy the Sin Hunters series! Click below for additional information on the books in the series.



Adam Bruno Light Hunter

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