Vampire Hangouts

Even the Undead need a place to go for a bite or to while the night away. Here are some of the Vampire Hangouts you’ll find in THE CALLING vampire novels.

The Lair on a typical Friday night
Location: Tribeca, Manhattan

Vampire-themed nightclub owned by Ryder Latimer where humans go to walk on the edge. Sometimes frequented by an assortment of vampires, although the vampires know that Ryder has a strict No Blood-No Bite policy.

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The Blood Bank — Vamp Central in the Manhattan Vampire Underworld
Location: Lower East Side, Manhattan

Run by Foley and unknown to everyone, owned by a vampire elder who will hopefully make an appearance in a future book.

The BLOOD BANK is a totally edgy Goth bar where vamps and humans alike go to get a little pain and the bite of something dark. For the humans, it’s the liquor and the back rooms filled with an assortment of acoutrements to help them satisfy their most extreme pleasures.

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Otro Mundo
Location: Soho, Manhattan

Decadent. Luxurious. Possibly Deadly. OTRO MUNDO offers vampires a taste of the riches they have experienced over their long existence. Rich settings and even richer foods. Intimate private dining rooms upstairs appointed with lush furniture so that patrons can share a meal, a rest or something more pleasurable.

This upscale vampire hangout is owned by Diego Rivera and Ryder Latimer. It first appears in FURY CALLS.

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